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Mark Zuckerberg ‘hacked into emails of rivals and journalists’

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been accused of hacking into the email accounts of rivals and journalists in a series of articles run by

In the first instance, it said that, when Zuckerberg discovered that Harvard’s student newspaper The Crimson was planning on running an article on him in 2004, he used reporters’ Facebook logins to hack into their accounts.

In the second instance, the magazine claimed Zuckerberg hacked into the accounts of rivals at Harvard who accused him of stealing their idea for a social network. He then allegedly tried to sabotage the rival network they had set up.

The newspaper was investigating allegations by other Harvard students that Zuckerberg had stolen their social networking idea – allegations that are now well-documented and became the subject of a $65million legal suit.

The claims will be read with interest by the millions of Facebook users concerned about their privacy – but the full fallout still remains to be seen.

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